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For sun lovers among you, the beaches near Neo Chorio are full of bathers in summer and there are many small and large beaches to satisfy every taste.Whether you prefer a secluded sandy beach or a busy pebble beach, there is plenty to find in this area.

Average annual rainfall is in Neo Chorio 450 to 600 mm the area is surrounded by sea and is located next to the rain-winds in the west, sometimes the humidity is quite high.

Stone houses dominate the village architecture and some of these traditional village houses have been recently renovated, perhaps due to the generous offer of the state to finance 60% of the total cost of repairs. Buildings that are eligible for this special benefit are those that have not been modified for many, many years and which retain some basic features, such as stone walls, wooden stairs, traditional mud ovens, etc.

Overall, there is plenty around Neo Chorio and the cool climate makes exploring even more enjoyable, whether on foot, by bike or by car. The culture of traditional Cypriots is very much alive in this area.

In the New Village it has the advantage that there are still areas where you can imagine that you have traveled centuries back in time.